Prompt: The first bad sign was that my alarm clock was missing.

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I’m not usually one for bad omens and bad timing, but I was pretty pissed off at having missed it. I was actually starting to feel really weird. I was going through all of the time traveling business records I’d found on the internet and was wondering if that was intentional. I decided I’d see what I could find. My phone buzzed excitedly.

“Hey bud! That happened! You’re definitely not out of bed!” I exclaimed. A few seconds later, the number on the screen went off. I frowned.

“Ok, what’s it say? What do you mean it’s not on?” I’d heard the voice when I was younger. A voice that had an aura that told me the world was still going on. Not sure how it could be. In fact, the voice had made my day look like a school trip.

“What? No way, it’s on, right?” I replied.

“Hey, dude, no way. I know what the hell happened. It doesn’t matter anyways. I’m just trying to get as far away as possible.”

I took a step back and raised an eyebrow. “Okay, so it’s not on?”

“It’s on, dude.” Came a voice behind me and I turned to see a young man sitting on the couch. I could practically see his face now, but was surrounded by more familiar lines. He looked incredibly nervous and had no idea if he was getting a second chance. Before I could even ask where he was, a notification flashed on my phone screen: “We have no phone!”

“We know, brother. We have tons of them. We’re experts in tracking them down.”

“But why?”

“We don’t know why. I haven’t been on the bus for the past hour and a half, and I don’t see one of those, even though the bus is full.”

“What? Where is it? Why is the bus empty?